‘shimane’ タグのついている投稿

Horikawa Cruising in Matsue

2011年12月7日 水曜日

Horikawa cruising boat starts here. It takes about 50 minutes to cruise in the moat of Matsue Castle, the river and the canal.

A boat with a small engine cruises in the moat.

A boatman carefully steers the boat through the narrow passage under the bridge.

During the winter, a kotatsu, a low table inside a heat source covered with futon is installed.

Karakoro Art Museum, former Bank of Japan’s office building. The boat stops over at Karakoro point.

Matsue Castle is viewed from the boat.

The boat cruises in the wide moat.

Matsue Castle is designated as a national important cultural property. The stone walls are massive buildings in cyclopean foundation. The castle walls are covered with black planks. This is really a beautiful castle.