Sakuda gold leaf workshop

Remains of gold leaf refuse are used as reuse for gold leaf, sprinkle in sake or tea or on food, adding in lotion.  Gold leaf production in Kanazawa accounts for 99 percent of Japan’s total gold leaf production.

Artisan inspects gold leaf, which is placed between sheets of specially processed Washi, Japanese paper. Washi is processed by soaking in the water mixed with astringent persimmon juice, straw ash and white part of egg for around 3 months.

One bundle has 1,800 sheets of Washi, and between Washi gold leaf sheet is placed like a sandwich.

The pounding machine imported from Germany is used to roll out the gold leaf sheet. 3 minutes beats and 10 minutes rest for cool down during  3 days repeat is carried out.

Big sounds accompanying the machine running is somewhat enjoyable for visitors.