Omicho market crowded with year-end shoppers

Red-skinned kamaboko and white kamaboko are typical ingredients of New Year’s dish. Red and white are considered to bring good luck.

Kamabo is translated as fish paste, minced fish, fish sausage, fish cake, fish loaf,  or fish minced and steamed.  But, I don’t think whatever English name can express the delicious taste of kamaboko.  So, kamaboko is  kamaboko.

Various kinds of kamaboko for New Year’s food are sold at kamaboko shop, Omicho market.

Omicho market has about 270 years history, originated as the Kaga local lord’s kitchen. Shoppers are crowed in the narrow alley, and snatch food for New Year’s dish .

Kuwai is translated as threeleaf arrowhead. Kuwai is considered as an auspicious food. It has a arrow-like bud. People belive that good luck will visit when you eat kuwai. So, it is one of the ingredient of New Year’s food.