Kanazawa Station, JR Train Station

Omotenashi Dome, a big hall with a glassed-in roof top. It suggests unfolding a big umbrella. US Travel Magazine” Travel Leisure” picks up  Kanazawa Station as one of the World’s Most Beautiful Train Stations. The Station is introduced in No.7  out of 16 stations in the magazine.

Tsuzumimon Gate, a big wooden hand-drum shaped gate. Noh Play is very popular among the citizens in Kanazawa. Small hand-drums called Tsuzumi are used as one of the music instruments in a Noh Play.

Tudumi, a small hand drum for a Noh Play. You can get high pitch when you squeeze the code.

A cool fountain in front of the Tudumimon Gate attracts tourists. Welcome words both in English and Japanese, and time are displayed like a digital clock.

Bus Stop No.3 is where loop bus for Kanazawa sight-seeing leaves and arrives every 12 minutes.  One-way loop bus covers main tourist attractions.

A bronze kettle art work is displayed near Bus Stop No.3. Here is the bus stop for Kanazawa one-day loop bus. I want to start one-day no reservation tour by taking a loop bus. It is a temporary project to see the demand. No tour, when Takashi’s  schedule is booked. Contact!

A colorful midsize bus is in service  for one-day sight-seeing loop bus.

Hokutetsu Ekimae Center, where you can get a one-day loop bus ticket. A few steps from bus stop No.1 of the east gate of the station.

Forus building with a big screen depicting Kanazawa.

A coffee shop under the big screen.

Hotels around the station are as follows.

ANA Crown Plaza Kanazawa Hotel

Hotel Nikko Kanazawa, JAL Hotel

APA Hotel Kanazawa Ekimae

Garden Hotel Kanazawa

Kanazawa Miyako Hotel

Hotel Kanazawa

Hotel Via Inn Kanazawa

Post Office in the Station, where ATM is installed.