Takayama Miyagawa River

Extremely long-arm goblin, Tenaga and long-leg goblin, Ashi-naga are displayed on the railing of Kaji-bashi bridge.  Te-naga and Ashi-naga folklore is handed down in Japan, which represents the god of immortal.  There is another folk tale about the creature. This creature was regarded as a hobgoblin,a ghostly apparition, Yokai in Japanese. The creatures with their weird long arms and long legs are said to do wrong to people. So, two different traditions about Te-naga and Ashi-naga.  There is a shrine to dedicate the creatures in Nagano prefecture.

Ashi-naga and Miyagawa river.


Te-naga, long-arm goblin sits on the Kaji-bashi bridge railing.

Te-naga and Asi-naga sculptures were made by Yoroku Taniguchi, a sculptor of the late Edo Period.

Red colored Naka-bashi bridge crosses over the Miyagawa river.

The bridge has a decoration of Giboshi, which is modeled after the shape of onion flower.

Takayama Jinya, administrative office of Tokugawa goverment is over there. The bridge connected Jinya and old merchant town in the Edo Period.