Gassho Farmhouse Iwase-ke

This Gassho farmhouse was built about 300 years ago. This Iwase-ke Gassho farmhouse is the biggest of all Gassho farmhouses reserved at present. There are about 200 Gassho farmhouses left in Shirakawa-go and Gokayama area. This house is designated as a national important cultural property.

In front of Iwase-ke, skunk cabbages, called Mizubasho are in full bloom.

One of the room is built in the shoin style of traddtional samurai style architecture. It has an alcove and staggered wall shelves. The Samurai officers from Kaga clan stayed in this house for regular inspection about the area land in the feudal period.

Broad Japanese cypress and ceder board sliding doors, called Obi-do are used to partition the rooms.

The steep ladders are installed to get to the 3rd, 4th and 5 th floors.

The third floor, fourth floor and fifth floor were use to silkwarm raising.

Paper sliding doors are installed for light.