Sazaeyama, a small hill in Kenrokuen Garden


Sazaeyama is a small artificial hill made by the soils, which came from when excavating Kasumiga-ike pond. It is 9 meters high from the ground. Gardners are working there.

Stone walls are built to prevent soils from falling.

A tiny bower shaped like an umbrelar is surrounded by bamboo hedges at the summit.

A memorial stone lantern is placed to dedicate to the 12th lord of the Maeda. Red and blue Tomuro stones are skillfully combined to form the stone lantern.

From the summit, you can command wide view of Kasumiga-ike pond and straw-roped Karasakinomatsu pine trees.

Red colored carp on the surface of the pond is identified.

A school of carps are swimming .

Carps swarm for bait.