Tojinbo Cliffs






















We visited Tojinbo on Dec. 20, 2015. It was unexpectedly fine day. We have mostly cloudy, rainy or snowy days in the Hokuriku region in winter. Tojinbo has two meanings. One is the name of Cliffs coastal line. The other is the name of a misbehaved Buddhist priest.  Tojinbo is the shore area of Fukui prefecture in the Sea of Japan. The cliffs’ rocks stretch along the coastal line about 1 km long. The cliffs are about 25 meter tall. The rocks form columnar joints being composed of multi-pyroxine andesite. The rocks are mostly basalt rocks.

Legendary it is said that a corrupt Buddhist priest, named Tojinbo was thrown from the cliffs into the sea by his fellow priests.

We walked along the coastal path to reach Oshima island. It took about 40 minutes.