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Fukuno Yotaka Fesival

2018年5月5日 土曜日

Fukuno Yotaka Festival was taken place on May 1 and 2, 2018. The streets were crowded with many spectators. My customers from USA and I took a taxi from Kanazawa to see the Festival. Japan Meteorological Agency forecasted rain and stomy wind on May 2nd. So, we went there on May 1st.This festival started about 366 years ago. Big fire destroyed almost all buildings in the village. Poeple there wanted to encourage distressed people and to pray the recovery of the village.The festival was really amazing, and worth visiting.

New Year fire drill and Kagatobi exercise

2016年1月19日 火曜日

We encoutered with New Year’s fire drill, when I showed around Kanazawa castle area to my overseas customers on Jan.10,2016. New Year’s fire fighters ceremonial training were undertaken by personnel related to firefighting.This training is called ” Dezomeshiki “. Kagatobi fire drill were also taken place. It’s an acrobatic exercise. Kagatobi were originally firefighters that were hired by Kaga-domain in Edo, present Tokyo. They protected the residence of Kaga-domain in Edo from fire.  So, it has a long history since the Edo period.

Illumination at Gokayama Gassho village

2015年12月13日 日曜日








































Illumination events were taken place at Gokayama Gassho villages ( Ainokura & Suganuma ) 0n Dec. 7, 8 and 9, 2015. Gokayama was designated as World Heritage site in 1995. This event was carried out as the celebration of 20-year anniversary of the designation. We visited both villages on Dec. 7 . The outside was a little bit chilly, but we enjoyed a wonderful light up.

Winter decoration in Takayama

2013年12月22日 日曜日

Straw ropes are winded around a used firework launcher tube as a decoration to ward off evil inTakayama. A launcher tube is made of a bamboo tube or a cardboard tube. Toyohashi city is well known for a tube  launcher firework. Tube launcher firework event in Takayama is taken place on August 9th every year. August 9th is pronounced ” Yaku” in Japanese meaning August 9th, which also means to ward off evil.

Hana-mochi literary means flower-like decoration of rice cakes. People in Takayama decorate short tree branches with white or ren and white rice cakes to compensate lack of flowers in winter. People bake or fry them and eat after January 15th.

Morning markets in Takayama

2012年5月27日 日曜日

Jinya-mae morning market started open about 200 years ago. The market opens every day morning until noon throughout a year selling vegetables,fruits,  flowers, processed food, pickles, souvenirs, etc.

Farmers’ wives sell long green onions called Negi wrapped with used newspaper, flowers, etc.

Rice cake called Tuki- Mochi, apple juice, pickles, etc. are sold on the stall.

Small shrine is located near Miyagawa morning market.

Miyagawa market is open along the Miyagawa river. The banner says Miyagawa morning market in Chinese characters.

Souvenirs are sold.


Hyakumangoku Festival

2011年6月8日 水曜日


The leading car of Hyakumangoku Festival Parade. Hyakumangoku Festival is taken place very year for 3 days centering on the first Saturday in June. The parade is on Saturday. This festival commemorates the entry of Lord Toshiie Maeda, founder of Kaga Hyakumangoku.


Baton twirlers performance.


Miss Hyakumangoku ladies parading on a car.


Lion dance performance.

Sprinklers installed on roads to thaw snow

2011年1月20日 木曜日


Sprinklers are installed on  roads to thaw snow and ice.


Each sprinkler has 4 small holes to spout water.


Sprinklers are in operation.


Water is spurting from sprinkler


Cars are running in spurting water from sprinklers at an intersection.


Spurting water at an intersection.


A pedestrian crossing is cleared by sprinklers.


Sprinklers wash a switch of tracks for not stuck on snow.


A switch sprinkled by water.


A bird perches on a branch.


2010年12月18日 土曜日


Stamp sculptured on rubber eraser ( Hankeshi ) for Christmas made by my daugher