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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Tour

2016年8月30日 火曜日

Kurobe Dam stores 2 hundred million cubic meters of water. Water is released from the Dam 10 tons per second. Discharging of water is operated for sightseeing purpose from near end of June until mid-October.Gushing water is spectacular. (続きを読む…)

Shining black roof tiles in the Hokuriku region

2014年12月14日 日曜日

When I showed overseas tourists around Higashi-Chaya Geisha District, they wanted to see a scene of roof tiles. Roofs on the wooden buildings in the Hokuriku region are covered with traditional shining black tiles. A roof tile is made of clay. Clay is formed to a shape of roof tile, and dried, and glazed, and fired at the temperature of 1,000 to 1,250 degrees Celsius. Another characteristic is that some tiles have arch-like hooks to prevent snow from sliding down to the ground so that not to harm walkers on a road.

Kurobe Gorge Train

2011年11月8日 火曜日


Unazuki is the starting station of Kurobe Gorge Railway. It takes 80 minutes to get to the terminal station, Keyakidaira running 20 km at the speed of 16 km per hour.


Torokko, electric locomotive draws many small carriages. you can guess the smallness of the train from the train driver.


Open carriage has 4 person bench seat.


Men standing beside the carriages give you the image how small the carriges are.


Passengers enjoy wide-view of beautiful gorge scenery from the open carriages.


The picture guide map at Keyakidairo terminal shows you a trekking path.


Red bridge called Okukane bridge crosses over the Kurobe river.


Hitokui-iwa literally means rock which is swallowing humans. Overhanging rock is really immence.


Meiken hot spring is located about 20 minutes walk from Keyaki-daira.


About 60 minutes walk through several tunnels brings you to Babadani hot spring.


Steam is rising from the river bed. A source of hot spring.