‘traditionalhouse’ カテゴリーのアーカイブ

Historic City of Hida Furukawa

2012年7月18日 水曜日

Colorful carps are swimming in the Seto River. White wall earthen storehouses are standing alone the river.

White earthen wall buildings are unique in Hida Furukawa.

Old-established sake brewery. Sugidama, a ball of Japanese cidar leaves is decorated as a sign of sake brewery.

Old-established Japanese candle workshop. The seventh generation explains visitors how to make Japanese candles. There are only a few workshops remain and do their traditional business throughout Japan.

The front of a Japanese candle shop, Mishima .

Work place for the artisan of Japaneses candle.

Yataigura, float storehouse for Furukawa festival.



Takayama in spring

2011年4月22日 金曜日


Takayama Jinya, administrative office in the Edo period.


Sanshuyu, Japanese cornel blooms at the compound of Jinya.


Kami-Sannomachi, most beautiful rows of traditional houses.


Takayamagoshi, a characteristic feature of lattice windows.


Dozo, a sake brewery cellar.


Futagi-shuzo, old established sake brewery. This brewery is called”Kagaya”, too. The ancestor of this brewery moved to Takayama from Kaga, present Ishikawa Prefecture late 17 th century.


Dei, a guest room of the brewery.


An adjustable pothook at the back room of Dei.


Variety of sake is exhibited for sale.