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Hawthorn in Kenrokuen Garden

2012年10月23日 火曜日

Hawthorn in Kenrokuen Garden bears red fruits.The tree is called Sanzashi in Japanese. Haw means hedge and thorn means sting or spine. In the UK, the tree is used as hedge surrounding home. It is also called may tree.  In the language of flower, the tree signifies hope. The tourists from the UK say that the fruit is smaller than here in Japan.

Hawthorn is the state flower of Missouri, USA.

Hawthorn blooms start after cherry flowers. It is also called white thorn.

I took these photos on May 19,2013.

Daffodils are blooming in Echizen coast-line

2010年12月21日 火曜日


The Tsushima Current, the branch current of Japan Current-the warm waters,  hits Echizen Coast-Line in Fukui Prefecture, quasi national park that makes this region retatively mild weather even in winter.

Ideal places for daffordil growth.


Daffordils are harvested for New Year’s Flower Decoration.