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Buddhist Pagoda of Kanazawa

2015年11月23日 月曜日































We see a white tower from the observation point of Kenrokuen garden. I was often asked about the white tower located in the middle of Utastuyama hill by my customers. Nehru Jawaharlal, ex- Prime Minister of India presented Bone of Buddha to Japan in 1954, about 10 years after World War 2. This pagoda was constructed in 1974, about 20 years after receiving Buddha’s Bone from Nehru. This pagoda is the symbol of praying for recovery of Japan from shambles after WW2, and of praying for forever-lasting World Peace.

Zen priests of Daijoji Temple do Kanshugyo, winter ascetic practices.

2011年1月31日 月曜日


I encountered Zen priests from Daijyoji Temple doing Kanshugyo, winter ascetic practices


In the falling snow, Zen priests visit each household for donation.


Zen priests are walking in heavy snow.


Zen priests put on Waraji, straw sandals and chant sutra.


Snow is falling on the back of the Zen priests.