Fukuno Yotaka Fesival


Fukuno Yotaka Festival was taken place on May 1 and 2, 2018. The streets were crowded with many spectators. My customers from USA and I took a taxi from Kanazawa to see the Festival. Japan Meteorological Agency forecasted rain and stomy wind on May 2nd. So, we went there on May 1st.This festival started about 366 years ago. Big fire destroyed almost all buildings in the village. Poeple there wanted to encourage distressed people and to pray the recovery of the village.The festival was really amazing, and worth visiting.

2017.12Winter at Gassho village


Gokayama Suganuma village

Myozenji temple

Snow comes at Gassho village in Winter 2017, late December

Autumn Colors in Kenrokuen garden


Early November to mid-November is the best time for autumn colors in Kenrokuen garden.These photos are taken at Yamazakiyama hill.


Toyama Clay Doll Work


Toyama Clay Doll work was originally started about 150 years ago. Toyama local lord, Maedo 10th generation invited a famous potter Hidenobu Hirose from Nagoya. The skill of this traditional art work is handed down to Toyama Clay Doll Transmission Committee called ” Toyama Tsuti Ningyo Denshokai”.
Owara local dance doll. Doll of horse with legs. Beckoning figure cat doll.

Cruise Ship Tour in Toyama City


Toyama city on October 20, 2016. Fugan canal conects Kansui Koen park, which is located near Toyama Station with Iwase District of Toyama port.

Morike is an old merchant house at Iwase District. Nakajima Lock,which is situated in the middle of the canal works to lift ships or lower them when they go through the lock. Azami is the city grass for Toyama city.

New landmark for 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa


New landmark of 21st Centry Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa was open to the public. The facility is designed by Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima. It is named Pavilion Glob MARU. I had two tour guide services for Australian couple and Italian travel agent on Nov 22nd and 23rd, 2016 respectively. We took photos inside and outside the facility. Nov 22 was an unexpectedly warm, fine day. Nov 23rd was unusually cold day, but we had no rain. We were lucky.




Shirakawago tour guide on November 16th,2016



























I showed Shirakawago UNESCO World Heritage Site to my guests from USA on November 16th,2016. Autumn colors are in their best season.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Tour


Kurobe Dam stores 2 hundred million cubic meters of water. Water is released from the Dam 10 tons per second. Discharging of water is operated for sightseeing purpose from near end of June until mid-October.Gushing water is spectacular. この投稿の続きを読む »

New Year fire drill and Kagatobi exercise


We encoutered with New Year’s fire drill, when I showed around Kanazawa castle area to my overseas customers on Jan.10,2016. New Year’s fire fighters ceremonial training were undertaken by personnel related to firefighting.This training is called ” Dezomeshiki “. Kagatobi fire drill were also taken place. It’s an acrobatic exercise. Kagatobi were originally firefighters that were hired by Kaga-domain in Edo, present Tokyo. They protected the residence of Kaga-domain in Edo from fire.  So, it has a long history since the Edo period.

Tojinbo Cliffs























We visited Tojinbo on Dec. 20, 2015. It was unexpectedly fine day. We have mostly cloudy, rainy or snowy days in the Hokuriku region in winter. Tojinbo has two meanings. One is the name of Cliffs coastal line. The other is the name of a misbehaved Buddhist priest.  Tojinbo is the shore area of Fukui prefecture in the Sea of Japan. The cliffs’ rocks stretch along the coastal line about 1 km long. The cliffs are about 25 meter tall. The rocks form columnar joints being composed of multi-pyroxine andesite. The rocks are mostly basalt rocks.

Legendary it is said that a corrupt Buddhist priest, named Tojinbo was thrown from the cliffs into the sea by his fellow priests.

We walked along the coastal path to reach Oshima island. It took about 40 minutes.