Tateyama Ropeway 1.7Km long one span without support
Insurance is not included in the tour price. Credit cards are not accepted. Reservation one week in advance is requested. Tour guide Takashi confirms your application.
Pay in cash of JPY.
Customers are requested to pay the guide fee in cash at the end of the guide service.
Payment policy
E-mail 1: tmmurakami@citrus.ocn.ne.jp

E-mail 2: takashitourguide@gmail.com
To make a reservation, send an email to me with (1) your name (2) name of your country (3) number of participants (4) desired tour date (5) name of your hotel at Kanazawa or Toyama.
Takashi Murakami ( Official licensed guide No. EN00009)
Tour guide's name and language
Tour guide's cellphone number for emergency
Mid April, May, Mid June : Temperature is about 0 to 11 . a pair of water proofing mountain-climbing boots. woolen headgear. backpack. foldable rain gear. a zip-up jacket of winter clothing. gloves. pocket body warmers. snack and sweets. portable water.and others. Mid June, July, August: Temperature is about 10 to 20 . trekking shoes fitted for stony path. headgear. backpack. foldable rain gear. windbreaker. gloves. snack and sweets. portable water.and others
September, October: Temperature is about 10 and lower. trekking shoes fitted for stony path. headgear. backpack. foldable rain gear. woolen long-sleeve shirt. bulky sweater, heavy trousers. windbreaker. gloves. snack and sweets. portable water. and others.
Clothing and Belongings
April 17th to 30th 9:00AM 0, 3:00PM 2. May the first 10days 9:00AM 4, 3:00PM 6@May the middle 10days 9:00am 4
3:00PM 5.@May the last 10days 9:00AM 6, 3:00PM 8.@June the first 10 days 9:00AM 7, 3:00PM 9.@June the middle 10days 9:00AM 9, 3:00PM 10. June the last 10days 9:00AM 11, 3:00PM 11.
Snow walls height: April 16.0m May 15.6m to 13.5m June 12.1m to 10.8m@
Average Temperature
Average height of snow walls
JR Kanazawa station - ToyamaChitetsu raiway train at Toyama Station -Tateyama station - Murodo - Kurobe Dam Lake - Return to Murodo - stroll and lunch - Tateyama station - JR Toyama Station - JR Kanazawa station. End the tour at 5:30p.m. Around 4 km of walking tour
Itinerary and Distance of the Route
Tour guide fee: a group of not more than 15 persons \45.000 which includes guide's transportation fares
Transportation fare/person: Kanazawa - Toyama round \3,600 (purchase one day before). Toyama to Kurobe Dam Lake round trip: \13,190, a lunch and personal expenses are not included. Sorry please pay a lunch for a tour guide.
Tour price,
Expenses not included in the tour price
Tour starts at 7:00AM. and ends 6:30 PM. We will meet at your hotel lobby in Kanazawa at 7:00a.m. Duration is 10 hours including lunch time.
Tour operation period: April 16 - October 31, 2017
Meeting time and place
Mt.Tateyama is one of the three famous sacred mountains in Japan. It is located the central area of Honshu Island,which belongs to Japan Northern Alps. This mountain ranges consist of several summits of about 3,000 meter-high. Murodo plateau is situated at an altitude of about 2,450 meters and is designated as the specially protected zone in the Chubu-Sangaku National Mountainous Park. More than one million annual visitors enjoy the wonderful natural environment and scenic beauties of the four seasons. Some regulations are taken to protect fragile ecosystem of high altitude. Visitords are requested to abide by them.
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route one-day tour guide

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