Kenrokuen Garden Outer Street
Insurance is not included in the tour price. Credit cards are not accepted. Reservation 2 weeks in advance is requested. Tour guide Takashi reconfirms your application.
Application notice time is 2 weeks in advance. A guide Takashi will reserve highway bus seats after he confirms the tour.
Pay in cash of JPY.
Customers are requested to pay the guide fee in JPY cash at the end of the guide service
Payment policy
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(2) name of your country (3) number of participants (4) desired tour date (5) name of your hotel at Kanazawa
Takashi Murakami (official licensed guide No. EN 00009 )
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In the morning, Shirakawago visit by taking highway bus from Kanazawa at 8:10am.
Visit Shirakawago village, go back to Kanazawa by taking highway bus at11:25am.
In the afternoon, lunch, Kenrokuen garden, Kanazawa castle compound and Nagamachi Samurai district.
Itinerary and Distance of the Route
Tour guide fee: a group of not more than 20 persons 31,000yen
Admission fee/person: Kenrokuen garden \320. Gassho farmhouse \300.
Transportation fare/person \500 for a bus ticket in Kanazawa. Highway bus round trip ticket \3,600.
Transportation fares for the tour guide, Takashi are included in the tour price. .Person expenses are not included in the tour price.
Tour Price, Expenses not Included in the Tour Price
Tour starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends 6:00 p.m. Meeting time is at 7:30am.Meeting place is at your hotel lobby in Kanazawa. Your hotel is requested to be located near JR Kanazawa station.
Duration is 10 hours.
Tour time,
Meeting time and place, Duration
The Kenrokuen garden is one of the three most famous Japanese gardens. The garden was designed to reflect the desire of the feudal lord Maeda, the second largest local lord after the Tokugawa shogunate. The 5th lord Maeda started the construction in 1676. It was expanded to the present largeness by the generations of the lord Maeda.
Shirakawago village was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. There are 60 Gassho farmhouses in the village. These houses are still used by the owner families for their daily living. Gassho house has big slanted roofs, which are thatched with Japanese panpas grass called "Susuki". Some Gassho houses are over 200 years old.
Kanazawa ( old Samurai town ) & Shirakawago ( UNESCO World Heritage site ) one-day tour
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